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Cintrée Curvex

Franck Muller Imperial Tourbillon 5850 T with the 4-fold incurvated case form “Cintrée Curvex”
© Franck Muller

Case form

The form concept

The term “Cintrée Curvex” (in English “arched in a curve”) refers to the tonneau-shaped housing, which is typical for most of the models of Franck Muller. In contrast to the ordinary housings available on the market this is a more subtle design, because three curved axes of the watch converge at a single spherical point.

Watches of this design are incurvated at 3, 9, 6 and 12 o'clock, while at the classic tonneau shape they are only incurvated at 6 and 9 o'clock.

Correspondingly complex mechanical production methods and tools are needed to produce this form.


Housings of the collection Cintrée Curvex were ​​originally manufactured in seven different sizes, where each of the variants have been offered even in yellow gold, rose gold, red gold, white gold and platinum. Meanwhile, according to the time trend, the Super-Large size has been added.

No Type designation Width (mm) Height (mm)
2500 Mini 20 27
2250 Lady 22 30
1750-1752 Small 25 35
7500-7502 Midsize 28,5 38,5
2852 Medium 31 43
5850 Large 32 45
6850/7850/7880 Magnum 34 45
8880-9885 Super-Large 39,6 55,4

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