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Hautlence HL01

Hautlence HL01
© Hautlence

The HL01 is a wristwatch by Hautlence.

In 2005 the new brand Hautlence presented as its first model this unusual watch with a case in TV screen format 16 9.

The skeleton dial shows the hours with a wheel, the minutes with a retrograde hand on a semi-circular dial, which at 60 jumps back to zero, and a separate small second in a sub-dial.

To solve the problem of power loss in the retrograde minutes indication, one ventured a whole new step and adopted the principle of power transmission by connecting rod, known from historical steam locomotives.

According to the company's motto this model is limited to 88 pieces.







  • 88 pieces


  • $66.400,00 RRP (2005)

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