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IWC 94000

The 94000 family of calibres is a series of specialty manufacture movements produced by IWC since 2011.


IWC has been transitioning to in-house movements since 2000, enhancing the reputation and technical features of their watches. Part of this development includes the production of specialty high-end movements. The Cal. 94000 family is the basis for many of these, launched in 2011 and remaining in production. It uses two mainspring barrels, providing power for complications including a tourbillon and specialty digital time display. This was a departure for the company, which had previously relied on a single barrel design for long power reserve movements but suffered poor isochronism as a result.

The two mainspring barrels can power the entire watch (as in the tourbillon models) or can be de-coupled, powering the display and timekeeping separately (as in the 2018 Pallweber models). This is reminiscent of sister company Jaeger-LeCoultre's Duomètre movement family.

All Cal. 94000 family movements are hand wound. Most oscillate at 18,000 A/h though the Pallweber Cal. 94200 operates at 28,800.

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