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JLC 497

The JLC 497 is an automatic movement from Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Cal. 497 and 827

Calibre 497 debuted with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Futurematic Ref. E 501 and was much more advanced than the earlier Cal. 476/Cal. 481. It features a larger balance for improved accuracy and hacking seconds. One unique feature is a lock that holds the swinging weight in place when the mainspring is fully wound. It also features a special 6 hour power reserve, allowing the watch to immediately function when it is put on, rather than requiring it to be wound first.

The Calibre 497 featured a power reserve indicator along with small seconds located at the unusual position of 3 00.

Approximately 52,500 examples of Calibre 497 were produced between 1951 and 1958. Calibre 827 was quite similar, incorporating some changes from Cal. 817/837, and about 1,000 examples were made.

Calibres 817 and 837

Calibre 817 was used in the Futurematic Ref. E 502 from 1956 and was a modification of the existing Calibre 497. Like that movement, it has a power reserve indicator at 9 00 and small seconds 3 00, but in Cal. 817 and Cal. 837 these are tiny round windows rather than being full subdials. The power reserve uses a paddle-shaped indicator attached to the catch for the bumper rotor. It was a much-simpler display, half white and half red on Cal. 817 and black and white on Cal. 837. And the seconds disc has a simple arrow and no other markings.

Calibres 817 and 837 were produced from 1956 through 1958, with about 3,000 of Cal. 817 and just 500 of Cal. 837 made.





  • 13 3/4 ligne (31.3 mm)
  • Height 6.3 mm
  • Balance 2-spoke Glucydur with adjustment screws
  • Balance Spring Nivarox spiral
  • KIF shock absorbers
  • 17 jewels
  • 18,000 A/h
  • Power reserve 40 hours

Production period:

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