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Lilienthal Berlin

Lilienthal Berlin is a German watch manufacturer.

The watch brand Lilienthal Berlin was founded 2015 as a startup company by Jacques Colman and Michael Gilli. The company name evokes the story of the German aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal, who made his first flight attempts in Berlin.

The design of the watches is modern and should evoke a cosmopolitan flair. Another focus is sustainability. Production, final assembly and quality control take place on site in Germany; environmentally friendly components are used whenever possible.

The low-priced watches, available from just over 200 €, are equipped with quartz movements in the lower price range and with automatic movements by Sellita in the higher price range.

The L1 model was awarded the German Design Award and the iF Design Award. 2017 the brand received the Green Product Award for its sustainability concept. The model Zeitgeist Automatik “All Black” won the title “Watch of the Year” in 2020.


Lilienthal Lifestyle GmbH
Stargarder Straße 47
D-10437 Berlin

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