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Artime Group

Artime was an Italian watch and clock company active from 1974 through the 1990s.

Artime was located in Milan and Naples and exhibited at watch fairs in the 1970s. The company specialized in distinctive cushion-shaped electric clocks with “Italian Design” by Bruno Porzio in the 1970s. By 1975 they also produced traditional grandfather clocks.

Artime Group

In the 1980s, Artime became a distributor of watches as well. They distributed Lucien Rochat in Italy by 1986 and Sector by 1988. The following year it was clear that Artime controlled Sector, directing the design of the Sector Adventure chronograph line. Artime also launched the lower-priced Cadet brand at that time.

The Artime Group appeared in 1990, with branches in Italy, Switzerland, USA, and Japan. The company opened a new office in Neuchatel in January 1991.

Artime Group focused on the Sector brand, manufactured in Bienne Switzerland. Sector was run by Alain Spinedi, now director of Louis Erard, and focused on affordable Swiss watches like that brand today. The company's “No Limits” marketing appealed to the 1990s consumer with adventurous chronograph watches. Spinedi left for SMH in 1997.

Artime launched the Chronostar brand in 1998 as a youthful, affordable chronograph brand. Another brand, MoDe, appeared in 1999, intended to compete with Swatch and Flik Flak. Both used Miyota movements from Japan.

Sector Group

On January 1, 2000, Artime Group was renamed Sector Group. The company continued with the Chronostar and MoDe brands, but focused primarily on the Sector name. Later that year, Sector Group acquired the Invicta brand as well.

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