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Patek Philippe Calatrava 5022

The Calatrava, Ref. 5022 is a modern incarnation of the classic Patek Philippe Calatrava.

This is the 1990-2000 Officer's Watch from the Calatrava line.


Although the Patek Philippe Calatrava line is best-known for the understated Ref. 5196 and hobnail-bezel Ref. 5120, Patek Philippe has been producing an officer's watch as part of the line since 1989. That limited-edition piece paved the way for this Ref. 5022 as well as the later Ref. 5053 and Ref. 5153.

Introduced in 1990, Ref. 5022 is commonly referred to as an officer's watch, though the case is not as true to this form as the later references. Indeed, apart from the small seconds dial and overall shape, it is lacking most elements of an officer's watch The crown is too small, the lugs are not drilled or screwed, and the case back is solid rather than hinged. But the proximity of this watch to the special-edition 1989 Ref. 3960 with superficially-similar design suggests that Patek Philippe did intend this to be the first full-production officer's watch in the Calatrava line.

Ref. 5022 was replaced in 2001 by Ref. 5053 which includes nearly all the elements of an officer's watch apart from its central seconds hand.






  • White, black, gold


  • Crocodile leather strap
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