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Rolex Day-Date II

The Day-Date II was a wristwatch produced by Rolex from 2008 through 2015.


Rolex introduced a lager companion to the classic Day-Date watch in 2008, the Day-Date II. It features a considerably larger case, 41 mm in diameter instead of the previous 36 mm, and a more-rugged movement, Rolex 3156. This proved less successful than anticipated and the Day-Date II line was retired in 2015 in favor of the 40 mm Day-Date 40.

The Day-Date II used materials including yellow, white and everose gold and platinum. It is classified as a Rolex President model with the famous “President” bracelet and Day-Date complication.





  • Hours, minutes, central seconds, date, day of the week (available in all world languages)


  • With gold hour markers


Production period:


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