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Seiko 4R35

4R35 is one of a family of related automatic watch movements from Seiko. Other closely-related members of this family include the 4R36, 4R37, 4R38, 4R39, and 4R71.


The 4R35 family was introduced in 2010 as a mainstream automatic watch movement for Seiko watches. It is distinguished by the fact that, unlike earlier mass-market movements like the Seiko 7S26, the 4R3x family hacks and hand winds. It is cost-reduced from the Seiko 4R15/Seiko 6R15 (upon which it is based) and Grand Seiko models, including not using a Spron 510 mainspring.

Cal. 4R35 was introduced in 2010 in the Elegant/Presage SARY series, and these remain in production. It was later used in the Prospex SBDY Diver Scuba, SRPC, and SRPD, and the Premier/Presage SRP dress watch and SRRY Ladies lines. Two notable watches with Cal. 4R35 are the SSVM Lukia and SBDY001 Prospex Fieldmaster.

Cal. 4R36 was next to be introduced, in 2011, in the Seiko 5 SARZ line. It was later used in the SRP Monster and similar and Prospex SBDY Diver Scuba. Cal. 4R37 appeared in 2012 and is much rarer, appearing only in a few SARY, SARZ, and SSA models. Most of these use Cal. 4R38 instead. Cal. 4R39 was also introduced in 2012 in the SSA line.

Cal. 4R57 is only used in Presage models in the SARY and SSA lines. It was first issued in 2016. Cal. 4R71 is the rarest, only used in the 2018 SSA Premier Automatic.

As of 2019, the 4R35 is used in the SRP family of watches, Seiko's second tier above the 7S26-powered SNK series. Cal. 4R38 and the newer 4R71 is also used in the open heart SSA series. The next series, SBD, uses the 6R15.


Like most Seiko movements, the 4r3x family operate at 21,600 vph. All models feature sweep hour, minute, and second hands. The 4R37 and 4R39 add a 24 hour subdial, while the 4R35 and 4R37 feature a date window and the 4R36 has both day and date in a window. The 4R35 has 23 jewels while the 4R36, 4R37, 4R38, and 4R39 all have 24 jewels. These movements have a power reserve of approximately 41 hours, according to Seiko. Cal. 4R71, introduced in 2018, is designed for use in skeleton dial watches but is otherwise similar to Cal. 4R38.

The 4R35A, which had 23 jewels, was revised shortly after introduction with one extra jewel, becoming the 4R35B.

Movement Hands Date Subdial Jewels Power reserve
4R35A Hour, minute, seconds Date None 23 41 hours
4R35B 24
4R36 Day and date
4R37 Date 24-hour
4R38 None None
4R39 24-hour
4R71 None

Seiko 7S Family

The following movements were all based on the Seiko 7S26 movement.

Group Year
Movements Mainspring Hacking/
7S 1996 7S25, 7S26, 7S35, 7S36, 7S55 Traditional No
6R1x 2006 6R15, 6R20, 6R21, 6R24 Spron 510 Yes
4R1x 2008 4R15, 4R16 Spron 510 No
4R3x 2011 4R35, 4R36, 4R37, 4R38, 4R39, 4R71 Traditional Yes




  • 23 or 24 jewels
  • 21,600 A/h
  • Power reserve 41 hours

Production period:

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