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McGonigle Tourbillon
© McGonigle

McGonigle is an Irish watch manufacturer.

The brothers John and Stephen McGonigle from Ireland produce luxury watches in the top class. Even their father has been busy extensively with the repair of watches. Another brother is watchmaker in Rome.

John McGonigle first learned watchmaking in Ireland and then continued his education at the International School of Watchmaking WOSTEP in Neuchatel. He worked for five years for Audemars Piguet. 1999, he returned to Ireland.

Stephen McGonigle was educated at the Irish-Swiss Institute for Watchmaking in Dublin and then worked as a specialist in the restoration of old watches in London. Together with his brother John he then developed complications for Christophe Claret. He also gained important experience at Franck Muller and at Breguet, where he participated in the restoration of the famous Sympathique. At the manufacturer British Masters he was primarily responsible for the complications area. 2004, he opened his own studio for complications in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, both brothers produce sophisticated mechanical watches of own provenance in their native country Ireland, using the best components and materials from Switzerland. Their first model was a meticulously designed tourbillon which promptly caused a stir in professional circles because of its appealing style and the quality of the execution. Every single copy varies by specific features and is equipped with a personal signature.

Since the beginning of 2013 John McGonigle is member of the renowned watchmaker association AHCI.


McGonigle Ireland
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Co. Westmeath
Tel. +353 90 6485779