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[[Category:Chronograph movements]]
[[Category:Chronograph movements]]
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TAG Heuer Calibre S
© TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Calibre S is an electro-mechanical chronograph movement by TAG Heuer.

This movement links mechanical and quartz technology. It can measure and indicate hundredths of a second. The caliber S consists of 230 components and 5 bidirectional micromotors.

The indication runs in either watch or in Chrono mode:

  • In the first, the watch mode is a retrograde date with perpetual calendar until 2099.
  • In the second, the Chrono mode, hundredths of seconds are measured. Measurement of single and split times and two times in rapid succession is possible.

Used, inter alia in these models:


Electro-mechanical chronograph movement
5 bidirectional micromotors


Hours, minutes, second
Chrono seconds, Chrono 1/100 seconds
Optional: perpetual retrograde calendar


? lignes
Ø ? mm, H ? mm
28 jewels
230 components

Production period: