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Vulcain is a Swiss watch manufacturer.


In 1858 Maurice Ditisheim founded his own company in La Chaux-de-Fonds. In his studio he made fine pocket watch, which he sold under his own name. His watches were characterized mainly by precision and quality. The workshop quickly grew to Manufacture Ditisheim. In 1894 for the first time watches of the brand Vulcain are offered. In 1900 Ditisheim registers the name 'Vulcain' as a brand name for his watches.

The alarm watch Cricket

Vulcain became especially known by their alarm watch Cricket, which was presented in 1947.

1961 the companies Revue, Vulcain, Buser and Phénix merged to form the "Manufactures d'Horlogerie Suisse Réunis SA" (MSR).

During the so-called quartz crisis in the 1980s the name Vulcain quietly disappeared from the dials, the market for high-quality mechanical wristwatches collapsed. The future seemed to belong to cheap quartz watches. The manufacture Vulcain still produced their watches for sister brands within the MSR. Also when the Cricket was produced again under the name of "Revue Thommen", this happened in the studios of the manufacture Vulcain in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Restart of the brand Vulcain under the PMH (Production et Marketing Horologer)

The legendary alarm movement Cricket V10 Vulcain

End of the 1990 years the manufacture Vulcain was sold by MSR. After a bankruptcy the PMH (Production et marketing Horologer) acquired all rights on the brand and on the legendary Vulcain Cricket Calibre in 2001.

This new beginning was associated with the relocation from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Le Locle. With this move to the city of precision an old wish of the Ditisheim family was fulfilled.

In 2002, the first new models of the Vulcain were presented. The new edition of the "Nautical" received a special significance. Apart from this particular watch, the new models were based on historical models from the long history of the Cricket.


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