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Grand Seiko SBGR

SBGR is the family of basic modern Grand Seiko watches from Seiko.

Introduced in 1998, the SBGR family ushered in a new era of mechanical Grand Seiko watches after more than 20 years of unavailability. The range was introduced first in Japan but spread to the rest of the world over the next few years, launching in Europe and North America in 2010.

All SBGR watches are automatic mechanical watches with no complications beyond a date window.

First Generation

The initial SBGR family, launched in 1998, included both time-only models and those with a date window. All used the newly-revised first-generation Seiko 9S5x movement family, specifically the 9S51 and 9S55. These 28,800 A/h movements offer a 50 hour power reserve.

  • 9S51 - Automatic SBGR002, SBGR007, SBGR013, SBGR033
  • 9S55 - Automatic date SBGR001, SBGR003, SBGR005, SBGR009, SBGR011, SBGR015, SBGR017, SBGR019, SBGR023, SBGR025, SBGR027, SBGR029, SBGR031, SBGR035, SBGR037

Second Generation

The SBGR range was revised in 2010 for international launch with the new second-generation 9S65 movement. All of these models feature a date window and 72 hour power reserve. In 2012, Seiko launched an antimagnetic line in the SBGR family. The family was extended in 2013 with the launch of a “homage” to the legendary 44GS, the SBGR081 and SBGR083.

  • 9S65 – Automatic SBGR051, SBGR053, SBGR055, SBGR057, SBGR059, SBGR061
  • 9S65 - 44GS homage SBGR081, SBGR083
  • 9S65 – Antimagnetic SBGR077, SBGR079




  • Hours, minutes, seconds
  • Optional date


  • Metal bracelet or leather strap

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