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Omega De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph

Omega De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph
© Omega

Omega De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph Red gold
© Omega

De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph is a wristwatch series by Omega.

In 1999 Omega had presented for the first time the new co-axial escapement, invented by George Daniels, with the elegant men's watch series De Ville. It was followed by the series De Ville Chronograph, which was correspondingly equipped with this low-wear escapement.


  • 4841.31.32 stainless steel, silver, leather strap
  • 4641.30.32 yellow gold, silver, leather strap
  • 4541.31.00 stainless steel, silver, stainless steel bracelet
  • 4841.50.31 stainless steel, black, leather strap
  • 4650.20.32 red gold, white, leather strap
  • 4541.50.00 stainless steel, black, stainless steel bracelet
  • 4572.31.00 stainless steel, midsize, white, stainless steel bracelet




  • Black / white / silver
  • Hands and indexes with luminous material




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  • Omega-Modelle; Author Anton Kreuzer; ISBN 3853784186
  • Das ZEITGEFÜHL-Uhrenbuch; Author Gerd-Lothar Reschke; ISBN 3-938607-61-0
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