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Omega Specialities Tourbillon

Omega Specialities Tourbillon
© Omega

Omega Specialities Tourbillon Platinum
© Omega

Specialities Tourbillon is a luxury wristwatch by Omega.

In the spring of 2007 Omega presented with this unusual luxury model the end of the 1990s developed movement with co-axial escapement as the world's first central tourbillon. In recognition of this horological excellence the sapphire crystal dial offers a view to the movement of this flagship of the Tourbillon series.

The tourbillon cage is made of titanium, and the surfaces of the bridges and plates have a striking chocolate brown color, whose effect is amplified by the solar grinding and adds both texture and depth to the metal. The metal is treated with the PVD coating technology.

The movement is housed in a 38.7-mm diameter case of 18ct red gold with matching red gilded hands, screws and gears. It has a power reserve of 45 hours and is equipped with the official COSC certificate for chronometers.

The Alpha seconds hand is mounted on the tourbillon cage and with its sword-shaped red-gold application inserted into the hand tip adopts the pink gold motif of the watch. The seconds hand has markings which are attached as small point-like holes on the seconds scale in red gold.

Omega produces per year only a handful of models with central tourbillon, so these highly luxury designs are not only exclusive once, but will also remain for years to come.








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