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PP 36-750

PP 36-750 (click to enlarge!)
PP 36-750
© Patek Philippe

Calibre 36-750 is a manual winding watch movement from Patek Philippe.

This is Patek Philippe's high-class Grande Sonnerie and Petite Sonnerie movement. It also includes a minute repeater.

The variant 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM is Patek's most complicated movement. It adds a perpetual calendar function and a second time-zone.

Calibre        Dimensions (mm) Jewels Parts Usage Features
GS 36-750 PS IRM Ø 37, H 7.595703Grande and Petite Sonnerie Minute Repeater 6301Jumping small seconds
300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM Ø 37, H 10.71081,366Grandmaster Chime 6300Strikework mode display (Silence / Grande Sonnerie / Petite Sonnerie). Alarm with time strike. Date repeater. Instantaneous perpetual calendar: day, month, date, leap year, four-digit year display, second time-zone with day/night indicator, 24-hour and minute subdial




  • 25,200 A/h
  • Power reserve 72 hours
  • Strikework power reserve 24 hours

Production period:

  • ?-current
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