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Shizukuishi Watch Studio

Shizukuishi Watch Studio is a high-end watch and movement manufacturing facility in Morioka, Iwate, Japan. It is the production site for Grand Seiko and Credor models, among other high-end Seiko timepieces.

Morioka Seiko Instruments was founded in 1970 and began production of mechanical watches two years later. The company became the center for all new watch planning in 1994 and all domestic (Japan) watch manufacturing was moved there in 1999. Morioka established an elite watchmaking studio, Shizukuishi Watch Studio, on the site in 2004.

Shizukuishi Watch Studio Products

Because of its reputation for high quality and precision, watch enthusiasts view production at Shizukuishi Watch Studio to be a desirable trait for Seiko watches.

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