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Uhren-Werke Dresden (UWD) is a German movement manufacturer.

The Uhren-Werke Dresden was founded in April 2013 as a German supplier for the watch industry. To the parent company Tempus Arte GmbH & Co.KG belong the watch manufacturer Lang & Heyne from Dresden and Leinfelder Uhren from Munich as well as the Tempus Arte Boutique in Dresden.

“Made in Germany” is UWD's leading quality promise, as more than 95% of the manufacturing work is done in Germany.

Conception, construction, manufacturing and sales of mechanical movements and watch parts are the main objectives of the company. Mechanical movements are developed with the highest quality, precision, perfection and aesthetics, combining craftsmanship, premium materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods.


Uhren-Werke-Dresden GmbH & Co. KG
Ullersdorfer Mühle 2
D-01454 Radeberg

Tel. 0351 / 212936-70

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