Rolex 3155

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The Rolex 3155 was the sixth-generation Day-Date movement from Rolex.


Introduced in 1988, Cal. 3155 replaced Cal. 3055 in the famous Rolex Day-Date range. It is an automatic movement running at 28,800 A/h and a certified chronometer.

Basing on the calibre Rolex 3135, with additional day of week indication. Cal. 3155 is used in the Day-Date Ref. 118000 and remained in production until 2019. Cal. 3155 was updated with a Parachrom hairspring by 2013.

The larger Rolex 3156 was used in the Rolex Day-Date II. The new Rolex Day-Date 40, launched in 2015, uses the next-generation Cal. 3255, as does the next-generation Day-Date 36, launched in 2019.




Self-winding movement, bi-directional winding
Breguet hairspring
Chronometer certificate (COSC)
Escapement: Stone lever
Yoke winding system
Glucydur balance wheel with microstella screws
Kif shock protectionen für balance wheel and escape wheel


Central seconds
Rapid calendar advance
Hacking seconds
Complications: day of week indication


12½ lignes
D 28.5 mm, H 6 mm
31 jewels
28,800 A/h
Power reserve 48h

Production period:

Production: 1988-2019
Predecessor: Rolex 3055
Successor: Rolex 3255

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