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IWC 32000

Cal. 32000 is a new compact in-house watch movement from IWC introduced in 2019.


IWC has been transitioning to in-house movements since 2000, enhancing the reputation and technical features of their watches. One of the final areas to address was the need for a time-only movement, and this was addressed with Cal. 82110, introduced in 2017. This new calibre family is based on the ETA 2892-A2 architecture but all components are said to be produced in-house. This is in contrast to predecessors in the Cal. 30000 family which used an ETA ebauches and others which were made from “kits” produced by ETA and Sellita. In 2019, IWC introduced Cal. 32110, a new compact movement based on the Cal. 82000 family.

Like the Cal. 82000 family, the Cal. 32000 family uses the basic architecture of the ETA 2892/A2, a movement long used by IWC as their Cal. 30110. Like the Cal. 82000 family, Cal. 32110 has components made of silicon and ceramic for longevity. Specifically, the escape wheel and pallet lever are constructed of silicon. Although it features bi-directional pawl winding, it is a “push-pull” design like the Seiko magic lever system rather than IWC's Pellaton system. This same arrangement was used in IWC's Cal. 69000 family and makes these movements more affordable.

Perhaps the most important element of the design of Cal. 32000 is its size At 25.6 mm diameter, it is exactly the same size as the ETA 2892/A2 and is a drop-in replacement for the Cal. 30000 series. Cal. 32110 will likely see use throughout IWC's range, replacing the ETA (and Sellita) based movements used previously. This new architecture differs markedly from the previous in-house automatic movement launched in 2005, Cal. 80000 family, which was based on the Valjoux 7750 architecture and measured 30 mm diameter.

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