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Tutima Pilot's Chronograph 1941 (click to enlarge!)
Tutima Pilot's Chronograph 1941

German watch manufacturer

The quality grade 'Tutima'

The quality grade 'Tutima' was introduced of the Glashütter Uhrenfabrik AG (UFAG) at about 1930. Pocket and wristwatches of this quality brand were equipped with movements of its sister company UROFA (including Calibre 19''' and Calibre 58).

From 1941 was also launched the pilot's chronograph under this brand name for the German Luftwaffe (air force). In 1945 with the removal of the UROFA and the UFAG disappeared also the Tutima brand name. It was not until 1956 when Werner Pohlan, a former employee of UROFA, again used this traditional name for his watches.

Fresh start as Tutima Uhrenfabrik GmbH

Dieter Delecate, former employee in the commercial sector and the distribution of the watch factory Kurtz, after the end of the Kurtz company founded a wholesale for watches in 1957. The company saled watches of Werner Pohlan as well as of the company Neufing KG Delmenhorst.

On 7 April 1970 Delecate registered at the German Patent Office for his company the traditional name Tutima formerly established by the UFAG and operates since then under the name of Tutima-Uhrenfabrik GmbH (Tutima watches company). Erwin Brückemann — whose craftsmanship was decisively influenced by Paul Johne and by a watchmaking education in the Kurtz company — was then responsible for watch technology at Tutima.

The pilot's chronograph of the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) with the calibre Lemania 5100 was a specialty of the house. In 1994, on the occasion of the 95th Birthday of Dr. Ernst Kurtz, the company presented a replica, calibre ETA 7760, of the former original Calibre 59.

The watch collection

Nowadays three basic model ranges constitute the Tutima collection

  • The Military Range epitomizes the consistent functionality and robustness of the modern Tutima Flieger Chronograph .
  • The Classic Range bears the hallmarks of the classic Tutima Pilot's Chronograph from 1941. A characteristic feature of these models is the cannellated turning bezel with the red marker.
  • Consistent clarity and sophisticated features are the hallmarks of the new FX Range. A world first is the Ref. 740 with display of three time zones with a large 24 hour hand from the center.


Tutima GmbH
Postfach 1153
D-27770 Ganderkesee
Tel +49 4221 9883-0
Fax +49 4221 9883-77

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