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Chronoswiss Delphis

Chronoswiss Delphis
© Chronoswiss

Chronoswiss Delphis, case in red gold, dial in copper

Chronoswiss Delphis, stainless steel

Delphis is an automatic watch by Chronoswiss.

The Delphi combines three very different types of display on one dial retrograde for the minutes, digital for hours and analog for the second. According to the given information this combination has never existed before at a wristwatch.


  • CH 1221 R 18ct red gold (50g) CH 1221 R ku red gold (50g)<br>
  • CH 1222 R 18ct red gold/steel (13g) CH 1223 ku steel
  • CH 1420, platinum 950 (62g), (99 pieces) limited edition<br>
  • CH 1420 mp, platinum 950 (62g), (99 pieces) limited edition<br>
  • CH 1421, 18ct gold (48g) CH 1421 mp, 18ct gold (48g)<br>
  • CH 1421 R, 18ct red gold (48g), CH 1421 R co, 18ct red gold (48g)<br>
  • CH 1421 R bl, 18ct red gold (48g), CH 1421 R mp, 18ct red gold (48g)<br>
  • CH 1421 W, 18ct white gold (48g)<br>
  • CH 1422, 18ct gold (12g)/steel, CH 1422 R, 18ct red gold (12g)/steel<br>
  • CH 1422 R co, 18ct red gold (12g)/steel, CH 1422 R mp, 1ct red gold (12g)/steel<br>
  • CH 1423, steel, CH 1423 co, bl, bk, mp, steel






  • In 1998 Chronoswiss won with this model the 1st prize “Golden Balance” of the magazine Uhrenmagazin. In the same year the 9th place at the “Watch of the Year” and the Chronos Innovation Prize was gained. Already in 1997, the Delphis was for the first time on the 3rd place at the election “Watch of the year”. When choosing “the best watches in the world 2003”, announced by the Uhrenmagazin and Focus online, the readers and internet users chose the Delphis for 2nd place in the category up to 5,000 euros.

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