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The AMG brand of Mercedes-Benz (now known as Mercedes-AMG) has appeared on a series of watches from companies including Sinn, Anonimo, Panerai, and IWC.


The German maker Sinn was the first to produce AMG-branded watches. Two models were created Ref. 956.1103 (limited to 250 pieces) and Ref. 303 "35 years AMG" (limited to 350 pieces). Both feature the AMG brand on the dial at 9 00 and the Ref. 956 also has the logo on the automatic movement rotor, visible through its display caseback.


One of the bidders for the Mercedes-AMG partnership was Anonimo, who produced 80 prototype Chronoscopio models with the AMG logo. It is said that 50 hand-winding and 30 automatic models were produced. 50 were given to AMG, with the rest released to employees or sold. The watch featured AMG branding on the dial at 9 00, with chronograph totalizers at 12 and 6 and the date at 3. The movement is visible through a display caseback. The buckle is signed Anonimo.


Panerai is also said to have submitted samples to Mercedes-AMG, with two models released for sale in 2002. Both models have the same case, with PAM00105 in white gold (limited to 100 pieces), and PAM00108 in titanium/steel (limited to 55 pieces). Ref. PAM00105 uses the simple Cal. OP V while Ref. PAM00108 uses the El Primero-based Cal. OP IV.

IWC Ingenieur Mercedes AMG

From 2004 through 2018, IWC partnered with Mercedes-AMG on a long-running and popular series of watches under the IWC Ingenieur line. Almost all IWC AMG watches feature exotic titanium or ceramic cases and AMG lettering on the case back. Most are based on normal-production IWC Ingenieur models, with some of those being called “AMG” models even though they are not technically part of this line.

In 2013, IWC redesigned the entire Ingenieur line around the Mercedes-AMG partnership, making all models up to the 2017 refresh technically part of this line. Notable models include the Ingenieur Automatic Ref. 3227, Ingenieur Chronograph Ref. 3725, Big Ingenieur Chronograph Ref. 3784, and Big Ingenieur Chronograph Ref. 3796.


TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz
© TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer partnered with the Mercedes-McLaren F1 team in 2004 to produce a limited-edition watch for buyers of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sports car. This TAG Heuer SLR Chronograph Calibre 36 included the Mercedes-Benz star on the crown and reflected the design of the car. The next watch was the 2006 TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz, a more conventional limited-edition watch with the “Mercedes-Benz” name on the dial along with the TAG Heuer shield. In 2007, a second SLR for Mercedes-Benz limited-edition watch was created, again with the Mercedes-Benz and TAG Heuer names on the dial, though later examples say “SLR” instead. In 2008, as the F1 partnership was dissolving, the TAG Heuer SLR Calibre S was released without Mercedes-Benz branding.

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