Nomos 1 TSP

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Nomos 1 TSP

Nomos 1 TSP is one of a family of manual winding watch movements from Nomos. Until 2002, Nomos simply referred to this movement as "Peseux 7001". It was produced until 2005 when the Nomos Alpha was introduced.


Moving from a Peseux 7001 ebauche, Nomos began creating their own in-house movement in the 1990's. By March, 2002, they gave this series a name: "Nomos 1". These movements still retained the 7001 architecture and design but featured many changes and could not use the same replacement parts. For this reason, ETA/Peseux had requested that the company change the name.

The most important difference between the Nomos 1 family and the earlier Peseux was the use of Triovis fine regulation. Additionally, Nomos replaced the plate and balance cock of the Peseux with gold plated pieces decorated with Langeleist perlage at the Nomos facility. This would be the company's primary movement family until the 2005 introduction of the Nomos Alpha.

The Nomos 1 movement family includes the following members:

The Nomos 1 TSP is a mechanical manual winding movement with 17 jewels, and based on the Swiss Peseux 7001. The bridges are gilded Glashütte three-quarter plate, with Langeleist-Perlage, the steel screws are polished and blued, the ratchet and crown wheel feature Glashütte solar grinding, Triovis fine regulation, Nivarox 1 A hairspring, Incabloc shock protection, 21,600 A/h, power reserve ca. 45 hours.


Nomos (basis: ETA-Peseux 7001)


Manual winding movement
Incabloc shock protection
Escapement: stone lever
Yoke winding system


Small seconds
Hacking seconds


10½ lignes
D 23.3 mm, H 2.5 mm
17 jewels
21,600 A/h
Power reserve 45h


Triovis fine regulation
Glashütte solar grinding on ratchet and crown wheel
Glashütte three-quarter plate

Production period:

Late 1990's until 2005
Successor: Nomos Alpha