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Nomos Swing System

The Nomos Swing System as example of a completely in-house manufactured **assortment** (click to enlarge!)
The Nomos Swing System as example of a completely in-house manufactured assortment
© Nomos

The Nomos Swing System is an in-house assortment produced by Nomos since 2014.


Nomos took the first step to being a true manufacture with the introduction of their Nomos Alpha movement in 2005. But, like most Swiss companies, Nomos still relied on a third party source for the assortment escape wheel, balance wheel, hairspring, anchor lever, pallet stones, and associated bridge. This essential component requires extremely tight manufacturing tolerances and design skill, placing it out of reach for most watchmakers.

In 2014, Nomos surprised the industry with the introduction of their own “swing system”. Entirely manufactured in-house in Glashütte, the Nomos Swing System was the final component needed to elevate the company to the elite ranks of watch manufacturers. First used on their new DUW 4401 movement, it has since spread to most of the company's products.

The following year, the Nomos neomatik family was introduced, which mounted the Nomos Swing System on a balance bridge rather than a cock for a new family of movements beginning with the DUW 3001.


The transition to the Nomos Swing System is ongoing as of 2019. It began with lower-volume movements, hand winding and world time, before moving to more popular automatic movements in 2017.

  • Nomos Swing System
    • DUW 4401 (2014-present) - Hand winding, date, power reserve indicator, 14.25 ligne, 2.8 mm
    • DUW 4301 (2014-present) - Hand winding, power reserve indicator, 10.5 ligne, 2.8 mm
    • DUW 5201 (2014-present) - Automatic, world time, 13.75 ligne, 5.7 mm
    • DUW 4101 (2015-present) - Hand winding, date, 14.25 ligne, 2.8 mm
    • DUW 5101 (2017-present) - Automatic, date, 13.75 ligne, 4.3 mm
    • DUW 5001 (2018-present) - Automatic, 13.75 ligne, 4.3 mm
  • Nomos neomatik”, with Nomos Swing System bridge
    • DUW 3001 (2015-present) - Automatic, 12.75 ligne, 3.6 mm
    • DUW 6101 (2018-present) - Automatic, date, 15.5 ligne, 3.6 mm
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