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Richard Mille RM 008-V2

Richard Mille RM 008-V2 (click to enlarge!)
Richard Mille RM 008-V2
© Richard Mille

Richard Mille RM 008-V2 RS (click to enlarge!)
Richard Mille RM 008-V2 RS
© Richard Mille

The RM 008-V2 is a double chronograph with tourbillon by Richard Mille.

In 2004 Richard Mille launched this chronograph, which supplemented the complex luxury model RM 004-V2 by a tourbillon. In addition, the model offers the complication “Split Seconds” (ie rattrapante or double chronograph or rattrapante) as well as a power reserve indicator, a torque indicator of the movement and a display of the selected operating mode.

For the rattrapante function an improvement was developed, by which the friction could be reduced by half and the usual jerking the hand at the start could be virtually completely eliminated by reducing weight and other measures.

Like first in the experimental model RM 006 also here the plate of the watch movement is made from the innovative material Nano carbon fiber. The Nanofibers are pressed under a high pressure of 7,500 N/cm2 and a temperature of 2,000˚C.






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