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Richard Mille RM 015 Perini Navi Cup

Richard Mille RM 015
© Richard Mille

Richard Mille RM 015 RS
© Richard Mille

RM 015 Perini Navi Cup is a luxury wristwatch with tourbillon by Richard Mille.

This model was launched 2007 as the successor of the RM 014 Perini Navi Cup, also under the motto of seafaring and sailing yachts. Again, there is the luxurious complication of a tourbillon, a power reserve indicator, a torque indicator of the movement and a display of the selected operating mode, but in addition a dual timezone is provided, and the case is even slightly larger.

As first in the experimental model RM 006 the innovative material Nano carbon fiber is used here for the first time in the watch sector the plate of the watch movement is manufactured of this material. The nanofibers are pressed under a high pressure of 7,500 N/cm2 and a temperature of 2,000˚C.





  • Hours, minutes
  • Power reserve indicator
  • Torque indicator of the movement
  • Indication of the second time zone per disc
  • Indication of the functional mode C (Carica/Winding) – N (Neutral) – L (Lancette/Hands)


  • Black leather strap

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