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A. Lange & Söhne Little Lange 1

The “Kleine” (“Little”) Lange 1 is a smaller-sized version of the Lange 1 watch from A. Lange & Söhne.


The 1994 introduction of the original Lange 1 caused a sensation in the industry, both for the rebirth of the fabled firm and the remarkable design of the watch. Although not large by modern standards, some wished for a smaller interpretation of the 38.5 mm case of the original Lange 1. This led to the 1997 introduction of the “Kleine” Lange 1. Featuring a 36.1 mm case, it was modestly successful with both male and female buyers.

The Little Lange 1 used a modified version of the L901.0 calibre used in the original. Although Lange indicates the diameter as 30.4 mm, the new Cal. L901.4 movement is essentially the same as the 30.6 mm movement. The Little Lange 1 lacks the large date corrector button found at 10 00 on the original, opting instead for a round inset pusher. The other specifications remained the same, including the 53 jewels and 72 hour double barrel power reserve.

With its typical Lange styling and small size, the Little Lange 1 was not too successful. With most buyers opting for the original, production of the Little model proceeded in stops and starts for a decade. Over the years, the Little Lange 1 saw increasing interest as a ladies watch. Lange encouraged this by issuing sets of the original and Little Lange 1 with similar styling, including a 2007 floral set for the Japan market.

Lange reintroduced the Little Lange 1 in 2014, pairing it with a matched Lange 1 model in a series of five limited-edition sets. These were more typically styled as contemporary ladies watches, typically with diamond-set bezels. Later that year, Lange began introducing more lady-like models with mother of pearl dials and lighter-colored straps. These were more successful in the market than the unisex originals, definitively turning the Little Lange 1 into a ladies watch line.

Although most other Lange 1 watches were moved to a modernized movement, Cal. 121, in 2015, the Little Lange 1 continues with the original Cal. 901.

A moon phase model, the Little Lange 1 Moonphase, was introduced in 2017.

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  • Crocodile leather strap with tang-type buckle
  • Optional top quality bracelet in stainless steel

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