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A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia

A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia, Ref. 105.021

Calibre L941.3

A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia (white gold), Ref. 215.026

A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia (white gold), Ref. 215.029

The Saxonia is a wrist watch from A. Lange & Söhne.


When Walter Lange reintroduced his family brand in 1994, he did so with three unconventional watches (the Lange 1, Arkade, and Tourbillon "Pour le Mérite") and one traditional dress watch, the Saxonia. Each served a purpose for the reborn company, but it was the Saxonia that would have the broadest appeal. A classic dress watch, the original Saxonia was extremely simple in design, with small seconds at 6 00 and the newly-patented big date mechanism at 12 00.

The Saxonia is named for Lange's home state of Saxony, and the name evokes the centuries of German watchmaking began by the company. It is intended as a competitor for the finest, most elegant watches in the world, chiefly the Patek Philippe Calatrava.

The initial Saxonia model of 1994 through 1997 was quite a small watch by today's standards, with a 33.9 mm case. It came in two versions, Ref. 102.001 and 102.002, differing only in their dial index material and wrist strap. Both had yellow gold cases and silver dials and featured a push button at 2 00 to adjust the date, along with small seconds at 6 00 and the big date window at 12 00. unusually, this original Saxonia featured a baguette-shaped movement, Cal. L911.3.


The original Saxonia model had Lange's patented big date mechanism, but this arguably unbalanced the dial. Even fans had to admit that these two large squares were out of place in a simple dress watch. For this reason, Lange removed the date complication for the 1995 "1815" model. Another major related watch was the 1997 Langematik, the first with an automatic movement. Although neither watch used the Saxonia name, both are considered part of the range today and their features and styling migrated back to the Saxonia line in the following decade.

The Saxonia line was updated in 1997 with a new round movement, Cal. L941.3, but the same 33.9 mm case size. Ref. 105.021 featured a yellow gold case and silver dial and remained in production until 2007. A rarer platinum-cased version with a rhodium dial, Ref. 105.025, was also produced in this timeframe.

2007 saw the launch of a 37 mm Saxonia model using the same Cal. L941.1 as the previous decade's “1815” model. This watch came in yellow gold/champagne dial (Ref. 216.021), white gold/silver dial (Ref. 216.026), rose gold/silver dial (Ref. 216.032), and two boutique editions pink gold/gray dial (Ref. 216.027) and white gold/black dial (Ref. 216.033).

Another major introduction for 2007 was the Saxonia Automatik, Ref. 315.032. Inside the 37 mm pink gold case was Cal. L921.4, with a micro rotor for power, the familiar big date display, and a small seconds. This was followed in 2013 by the Saxonia Automatic Big Date, Ref. 308.047, a very similar watch with the same case dimensions and movement.

In 2010, an annual calendar joined the Saxonia range, the Saxonia Annual Calendar. A 38.5 mm case was available in white gold, pink gold, or platinum as Ref. 330.026, 330.032, or 330.025, respectively. These watches use Cal. L085.1, a micro rotor automatic movement with annual calendar and moon phase indicator.

The first automatic Saxonia without a date display was introduced in 2011. The large 38 mm case contained Cal. 086.1, with a central rotor. It was much thinner, at 7.8 mm, than the old 9.7 mm thick Big Date Automatics. This new Automatic was produced in both pink and white gold. A 37 mm case with diamond bezel was produced in 2013.

The smaller case returned in 2015 with the launch of the 35 mm Saxonia in pink gold or white gold, Ref. 219.032 and 291.026, respectively. These are also powered by the familiar Cal. L941.1 and feature the Saxonia trademark baton markers and painted minute markers. A pair of mother of pearl dial models, Ref. 219.043 and 219.047 introduced in 2017, share the same reference number but have a larger 38.5 mm case.

The Kleine Saxonia, produced from 2011 through 2013, has a smaller 34 mm case and Cal. L941.2. Ref. 835.037 comes in pink gold, has a mother of pearl dial, and diamond bezel. The similar-looking Ref. 878.029 and 878.038 of 2014 use this same movement but are somewhat larger at 35 mm.

The Saxonia is a fine watch with clean, tidy dial and named after the country of origin Saxony. Each case is carefully prepared by hand and polished and bears an engraved serial number.

Saxonia Family

Introduced in 1994, the starting series is now part of the family of models








  • From 10.584.00 € RRP (retrieved 2007)

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