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Jaeger-LeCoultre models

Jaeger-LeCoultre has a long history of watch making with many different models. This page documents their main product lines and the model number system they employ.

Product lines

Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre has the following main products

Special Series

Engraved case codes

Jaeger-LeCoultre engraves a number on the case back of each watch specifying the case type, material, and movement. This is different from the catalog number listed below, though the format is similar.

Case numbers are in three parts


  • xxx = Case code (often different from the catalog number below)
  • c = Case material (as in the catalog number below)
  • mm = Movement code (different from the JLC Calibre number)

Case codes

Movement codes

Catalog numbers

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches use a three-part model name in the catalog which is different from the engraved case number, described above. Originally this included 3 digits per part (xxx-yyy-zzz) but now it typically xxx-cs-dd, where xxx is the case type, c is the case material, s is the strap or bracelet type, and dd is the dial and case back identifier.

Note that there is significant variation in model naming and this should be considered a rough guideline only!


Base models (XXX-cs-dd)


Case materials (xxx-Cs-dd)


Strap type (xxx-cS-dd)

  • 1 = Matching bracelet
  • 2 = Pink gold bracelet
  • 3 = White gold bracelet
  • 4 = Leather, usually with double-folding deployant
  • 5 = Leather with pin buckle
  • 6 = Rubber
  • 7 = Articulated rubber
  • C = Ceramic


Dial color/materials (xxx-cs-Dd)

  • 0 = Gem set?
  • 1 = Beige?
  • 2 = Silver/white
  • 3 = Pearl?
  • 4 = Rhodium?
  • 5 = Charcoal dial?
  • 6 = Red?
  • 7 = Black
  • 8 = Dark blue
  • 9 = Gem set?
  • E = Enamel
  • (A)= Deployant
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