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Goldene Unruh

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The Goldene Unruh (“Golden Balance” in English) is a watch award given annually by the German watch magazine Uhrenmagazin and the German magazine Focus since 1998.


Prizes by Manufacturer

The following have won five or more awards as of 2021.

Lowest-Price Range

Under 1,000 DM

Under € 500

Under € 1000

Under € 2,500

Mid-Price Range

Under 2,000 DM

Under € 1000

Under € 5,000

Higher-Price Range

Under 5,000 DM

Under € 2,500

Under € 10,000

Expensive Range

Under 10,000 DM

Under € 5,000

Under € 25,000

Most-Expensive Range

Over 10,000 DM

Over € 5,000

Over € 25,000

Technical Prizes

Prizes by Manufacturer

Special Technical Prize

Technical Gold Medal

Women's Watch Prize

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